Soprano Saxophones

The soprano saxophone is a variety of the saxophone  invented in 1840. The soprano is the third smallest member of the saxophone family Soprano saxophones are usually straight, but sometimes have slightly or fully curved necks and bells. The fully curved variety looks much like a small alto saxophone with a straighter crook

Elkhart Soprano

This sax is a popular student model, designed in the USA by Selmer. A good quality starter saxophone with a good tone and accurate intonation, it plays very well, and is perfect for beginners. This Elkhart saxophone is manufactured by Vincent Bach International, which is part of the Selmer group, so you can be sure that the design and manufacture are to a good standard.

£ 399 


Academy Scholarship Series Curved Soprano Saxophone


The SXSC-2GS is fitted with IMC tone reflector pads, tempered steel springs and a high F# key which makes it suitable for study throughout the examination grades.

Particular emphasis is placed on the intonation and accesibilty of the higher and lower register on these instruments.

£ 299 

Jupiter Soprano Sax JPS 547GL Powerforged brass keywork, auxiliary high F# key, adjustable articulation on low C#, G# and Bb keys. Other features include adjustable thumb hook, tempered springs. Hand seated pads and balanced keywork. Finished in full Gold Lacquer. Supplied with Case, MP and Neck Strap

£ 849 


RRP £1019.99

Trevor James

The Horn Rev II" Curved Soprano Sax in black nickel 

At last award wining British sax designer has turned his attention to soprano saxes and produced these excellent straight and curved student models. They are a cut above the competition with improved intonation, good tone and a comfortable playing action.
Low Bb to top F#. Supplied with a deluxe hard shell case, mouthpiece and strap. 5 year guarantee

£ 699 

RRP £925

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